AP Art and Design Exhibit
Rebecca A. Stone-Danahy, Eleanor Neal, Michael x. Ryan, Jacqueline Torres, Dale Clifford

Director, AP Art and Design Statement

Curatorial Statement

Eleanor Neal
Jacqueline Torres
Michael x. Ryan
It might go without saying that it is a tremendous pleasure to sift through thousands of amazing student works to select for this exhibition, but it is also an honor, a privilege, and certainly a daunting task that we’re all too happy to have been a part of.
In curating this year's student exhibit, we sought works demonstrating a wide range of approaches, styles, and voices in drawing, 2D, and 3D art forms. In the process, we felt a narrative unfolding from all these talented voices across the U.S. and the globe. It seemed these young artists were expressing a shared feeling, an emergence from a pandemic to a post-pandemic life. The collective yet vastly different challenges experienced by everyone globally were present in these varied forms of expression. We decided to follow the thread to these insightful voices. Much like the sustained investigation students develop, this thread evolved and branched into many more voices and ideas that narrated their stories, challenges, and aspirations, as well as holding up a mirror to social issues young people are affected by. We were too often left in awe at the way students communicated such complex and personal ideas with sophisticated skills, nuance, and raw honesty.
We have the hope and the intention that with this student exhibition, you will find guidance and inspiration much like we did, and will also find yourself represented in some way, shape, or form. We are grateful to all the educators who’ve shown their commitment and given their students direction and support in these efforts, as well as students for their dedication, openness, and voices in this process. We hope you will continue to share your unique voices in developing your art; it certainly has the power to affect others.
Eleanor Neal; Shiloh High School, Gwinnett County Schools, Snellville, Georgia Michael x. Ryan; School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois Jacqueline Torres; San Fernando High School, Los Angeles Unified School District, San Fernando, California

Chief reader statement

Dale Clifford
What an impressive display of student accomplishments! I take great pride in being part of an exhibition highlighting the rich diversity within our community of young artists and designers who generously shared their creations with us in 2023. This showcase features a wide range of exceptional works, such as Yingjian Gao's bold, body image-affirming garments that challenge conventional fashion norms, Yu Chen's elegant sculptures inspired by their love for guinea pigs, and Elizabeth Sarpong's dynamic and insightful pieces that explore her experiences as a black girl in society and the pressures placed upon her. Art and design can be powerful tools for self-expression and social commentary, and it's heartening to see the positive impact these young artists and designers are making on our global community.
I admire all the students' innovative spirit, unwavering determination, and commitment to bringing their unique visions to life through their creations. My heartfelt congratulations go out to their friends and families for their invaluable support throughout this journey. I also express my special gratitude to the dedicated teachers who mentored and guided these talented students over the past academic year. The artworks showcased in this exhibition promise to captivate viewers and serve as an enduring source of inspiration for all who experience them. Congratulations to all involved!
Dale Clifford; SCAD/Atlanta, Dean of Academic Services, Atlanta, Georgia
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