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Miami Coral Park Senior High School|Miami, FL
|20 x 38 in|Digital camera, tripod and Photoshop. Juxtaposed two similar images to create a narrative about progress
The ideas I used to make this work was to move forward and pursue your dreams. The materials I used were a camera, a tripod, Photoshop, and Lightroom.
The process I used to create this picture was to put two beautiful images similar in structure and subject matter, as if the person had made a conscious choice to get up and walk in the path of progress, or to reminisce no longer but rather look towards the future in a new but familiar direction.
My sustained investigation is the creation of a narrative through my viewfinder. This image is related to my investigation because it shows two images similar in structure and meaning, creating a narrative. In the creation of this work, I used the negative space technique, which is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image. The title of this work is forward, referring to the feeling of how a person looks like when he decides to stand up and move to a path of progression.
Alejandro Rivero
Abigail Jones
Amanda Roessler
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