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2-D Design
Autumn Potter
Friendswood High School|Friendswood, Texas
Messing Around.webp
Messing Around|10.5” x 14”
“When thinking of making a new character, there are a lot of factors to consider such as how they would react to an environment, their color palette or simply the shape of their silhouette.”
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Beary Big Dreams is a collection of illustrations I worked on for a published children's book. The story is about a teddy bear whose biggest dream is to go to outer space. Although they finally make it to space, they couldn’t have done it without their best friend. The teddy bear continues to dream big, anticipating their next adventure!
My sustained investigation was “Character Development,” where I would go through the steps of making characters and putting them into action. Beary Big Dreams is one of those final steps, when I have created all my characters and thoroughly thought out their personalities, then they are finally incorporated into a story.
My sustained investigation was heavily inspired by my love for cartoons. I remember I was watching one of my favorite cartoons around the age of four, and all I could focus on was the lines that made up that character. I saw the curves that made up her head and how her eyes were almond-shaped. I noticed how every line was crucial to this character's appearance. I then would transfer what I saw on TV to my coloring books. This started a trend of making my own characters and stories that I could put them into.
Autumn Potter
Beary Big Dreams|12” x 16.5”

Teacher Statement

Mandy Harris
"The AP Art and Design program allows students to express their individual creativity, experiment with new approaches and mediums, and challenge their critical thinking skills. Students develop new ways of expressing their creativity through art and learn how important it is to revise and process their ideas. It is also such a positive program because it gives students the opportunity to develop their communication skills and reflect on how effectively each of their pieces demonstrates the inquiry for their sustained investigation."
Mandy Harris Headshot.webp
The Cafe.webp
The Cafe|10.5 x 14 in.
Material(s): I used an iPad and an Apple pencil. Process(es): I took a picture, sketched the scene, refined lines digitally and colored on an iPad. Curatorial Note: Student works deal with character and story development
I wanted to show characters interacting in a busy diner scene and interacting with each other.
Autumn Potter