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Brighton High School|Brighton, CO
I Want to Hold Your Hand
| 11 x 8 in| Prismacolor pencils and tagboard paper.
First a rough sketch, then adding chunks of color then blending gradually. Song inspiration: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles.
I never see enough depictions of interracial couples in artwork so this was a way for me to not only add diversity to my own portfolio but artworks as a whole.
This artwork was inspired by the song “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles. My concentration asks the question, "What visuals would capture and narrate these iconic Beatles songs?" This was one of the easier concepts to grasp, considering the song is blatantly about wanting to hold someone's hand and express their love.
To add more depth to this illustration, I decided to draw both a black and white hand in the embrace. I never see enough depictions of interracial couples in artwork, so this was a way for me to add diversity to my own portfolio and artworks as a whole.
Using Prismacolors, I created layers and saturated colors to make a realistic image to complement the song's positive message while adding a more in-depth interpretation. This piece gained more relevance and meaning as the Black Lives Matter movement became the forefront of the media. This movement shows that inclusion needs to happen in every aspect of the world, even our art. I hope this work conveys a sense of unity and love between the people in the picture and the people who look at it.
Janelle Heiser
Avery’s portfolio is a beautiful reflection of her dedication to honing her style and technique over the past four years. Her sketchbooks are filled with portrait studies, layering techniques, mixed media experimentation, and every type of mark-making you could imagine. She has an incredible ability to envision a scene and make it come to life through skillful layering, mark-making, and simplistic compositions. For this reason, I was thrilled when Avery decided to apply her talent to visual interpretations of specific songs by The Beatles. 
My students go through a continuous cycle of research, experimentation, reflection, critique, and revision throughout the creative process. This cycle allows us to dig deeper into each student’s concept, technique, and style. With Avery’s technique being so strong, I wanted to expose her to a wide range of current artists and see how it might influence and push her own work. We also dug deeper into her concepts, diversity, and intentional choices of mediums that best express the intended statement and mood.
Avery created a stunningly detailed interpretation of The Beatles song “I Want to Hold Your Hand," using Prismacolor pencils. At the time, Avery was not aware of just how impactful this piece would become in just a few months. The solid yet comforting embrace of an interracial couple’s hands adds another layer of meaning, perspective, conversation, and interpretation to this iconic song. 
Avery Jacobson
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