AP Art and Design Exhibit
Bela Siptak
AP Drawing
Legacy Educational Excellence High School|
San Antonio, Texas
Dimensions: 36”x 19”|Material(s): Oil pastels, Colored pencil.|Process(es): Oil pastels used to create large strokes of color, with an overlay of colored pencil to create texture.|Curatorial Note: The figure drawing conveys a feeling of emotion and transparency. The red and green complementary color palette and symmetrical balance enhance a sense of stillness and calmness.

Student statement

3d deco drawing.svg
Art creation is highly emotional and an opportunity to express the human experience in ways different from language. Visual art can affect human emotions, and I aim to explore this as profoundly as possible. Using dynamic figures, I examine the ideas of connection and the importance of human interaction. I have always been so interested in the function of art throughout human history and how important it is for us to have an outlet of creation to stand by. I utilize these elements of ancient art in my work to pay homage to the naturality within our eyes. Mark-making throughout my work is rarely placed to be erased; I use freehanding to my advantage and learn the natural ways that our minds see line and shape. Working with various mediums, I allow myself to explore the function of drawing through many means. I intend to further my studies through my work on the human condition and what art means to us.
In this sustained investigation, I explore relationships and the complexity of the human experience. Using complex and dynamic figures gives fragility and vulnerability to how we experience emotion.
Sustained lnvestigation
Bela Siptak