AP Art and Design Exhibit
AP Drawing

Brianna David

Gramercy Arts High School|New York, NY
Dimensions: 27.7” x 27.7”|Material(s): Digital|Process(es): Using multiple references, I sketched my idea, outlined it, used the same colors, and added texture.|Curatorial Note: Contemporary portraiture is explored through digital art in this artwork which speaks to different types of racism. Strong expressiveness, complementary colors, bold orange tones, and deep blues along with strong contour lines are used in this portrait to explore the perception of race and identity.

Student statement

The inquiry that guided my sustained investigation was how society impacts how black people view themselves. As an African American woman, I believe that sharing my experiences and other black people’s experiences through art is important because it spreads a message that is often hard to say in words. My sustained investigation touches more on the psychological effects of racism since I noticed that when people discuss racism, it is mainly about slavery or police brutality. However, there are many other forms of discrimination, such as internalized racism, microaggressions, colorism, systematic racism, intersectionality, etc. My sustained investigation shines a light on these issues through the perspective of a black person, hoping that my artwork helps others who may relate to feeling seen and those who don’t better understand us.
My artwork shines a light on the issues of racism through the perspective of a black person in hopes that my artwork helps others who may relate feel seen and those who don’t better understand us.

TEacher statement

Emily Lemp
To start the school year, my AP Drawing students are first challenged with coming up with their essential question to guide them throughout their sustained investigation. When developing the essential question that would guide the development of their work, I encouraged students to reflect on their own life experiences and think of how these experiences have shaped their view of the world. From there, we followed the design process, first brainstorming ideas and concepts that tied into their sustained investigation, creating a thumbnail of this idea or concept and then creating a sketch based on group and one-to-one feedback. At the end of every period, students were asked to self-evaluate their studio time in their sketchbook, noting what they had accomplished and if it met the goals and expectations from the beginning of the period. After creating all the elements for the sustained investigation, I encouraged students to select their chosen works as if they had their exhibition centered around their essential ideas.
Many students had several pieces in mind for their selected works, and some struggled to select them, but Brianna knew which pieces would be in the select works section. From working with Brianna, I can say determination, dedication, and unwavering hard work are essential to the rigorous demands of the AP Art and Design Curriculum. She showed up to class every day ready to engage and put in the time outside of class just as much as she did inside. I’m incredibly proud to have been her teacher, and I know she will excel wherever her endeavors bring her to life. Working at Gramercy Arts High School, a specialty arts public high school based in Manhattan, New York, I am privileged to have a very supportive Principal, Ms. Pamela Mudzingwa-Makina. Since our school is centered around the arts, we often have showcases and gallery walks throughout the school year and partnerships with outside organizations that host some of these events, such as the law firm Cleary-Gottlieb.
I advise other AP Art and Design teachers to develop a calendar as soon as possible that outlines the goals and expectations of what is due within a set time period. This helps students see the bigger picture and manage their time more wisely. For their essential question, I advise having students reflect on their own life experiences and consider how they can develop their inquiry around those experiences. Also, allow students to experiment with different techniques and mediums during studio time, as developing and experimenting within their sustained investigation is essential.
Brianna David