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Damin Escudero Ramirez

Marshfield Senior High School|Marshfield, WI
TEACHER: Timothy Bergelin
3-D Art and Design
crouched green figure with vessel on back
Untitled, View 1|12 x 4 x 8 in.
Idea(s): Pouring vessel inspired by Aztec pottery as well as Aztec sculptures. Material(s): Buff Stoneware Clay, underglaze Process(es): Ceremonial pouring vessel with mount. Made by carving and sculpting.
crouched green figure with vessel on back
Untitled, View 2


I’ve always found interest in dark, sinister art as well as ceremonial indigenous art from various cultures around the world. In my investigation for AP 3-D Art and Design, I wanted to further explore religiously significant artifacts and incorporate them into my art. I studied Aztec, Mayan, Dogon, and Moche art, along with paintings from a Polish painter, Zdzisław Beksiński.
Although I include aspects from all of the listed sources in my art, one of the greatest sources of inspiration comes from my ethnic background. My whole family is from Mexico, specifically Xalapa, Veracruz, so growing up I was always surrounded by traditional mexican art. Recently, I have also discovered art from the Remojadas culture, which is a culture specific to Veracruz. The Remojadas’ art style will definitely be incorporated in my future sculptures.

While my work isn’t specifically tied to any religious ceremonies, I took influence from the previously stated sources in order to intrigue the viewer and leave them imagining what types of ceremonies my sculptures would’ve been a part of. With my work in general, I’m highly concerned with formal aspects and the viewer's response.
I always try to create something that doesn’t have a specific story behind it but looks like it was a part of something significant. In addition to this, I prefer to lean towards a more sinister and unsettling aesthetic because not only am I more interested in that style, but I also want to further spark some wonder and creativity within anyone looking at one of my sculptures.
When I look at my art style, I can definitely see a reflection of my personality. It’s very nonchalant and some imperfections are visible. It looks homemade, yet significant and, therefore, comfortably powerful. The uneven surfaces and colors don't detract from my sculptures as a whole, but instead, they add to the implied history behind them. That's why traditional art attracts me. It’s handmade and doesn’t shy away from it. It’s Lumpy instead of smooth, yet it is still very detailed and interesting.
sketches of Aztec figures and designs sculpture
Process Image 1|11 x 8 in.
Material(s): paper, pencil Process(es): human figure with influence from Aztec sculptures and carvings.
pen sketches on notebook paper of sculpture design
Process Image 2|11 x 8 in.
Material(s): paper, pen Process(es): revisions, study of proportions, reference to work of the Aztecs.
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Damin Escudero Ramirez
Initially, I had no particular focus, until I began to include more from my ethnic background, the Aztecs ...
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Damin Escudero Ramirez