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2-D Design
Destiny Pann​
DeSoto Central High School​​|Southaven, Mississippi​
Destiny Pann2.jpeg
Interview|9 x 12 in.​ Material(s): Markers-Color pencils-Black pens-Paint pens-White Gel Pen. Process(es): Continued to layer color pencil over marker as it adds texture and vibrant colors for shading​
“I used symbols I thought went well with conveying social anxiety like mouths, ears, eyes, and cameras and found ways to incorporate them in whether it be by character design or scattered within the background.”​
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What led me to use social anxiety as a theme throughout my investigation stems from how much it played a role in my life. I took inspiration from my own struggles as well as the experiences of others’ who struggle with social anxiety and used those experiences to help illustrate scenarios where social anxiety could occur, such as in interviews and places like classrooms. Symbolism, composition, and color helped me tie my ideas together.
Symbolism can be heavily found across my pieces as it helps visualize the feelings that come with social anxiety. Some examples of symbols I used are eyes and cameras, which are used to imitate the fear of being watched and judged, while symbols such as ears and mouths are used to represent the fear of being heard and mocked. It would have been difficult for me to convey the concept of social anxiety if I did not use symbolism.
Additionally, composition and color also helped me when it came to organizing subjects. The use of composition can be used to help steer focus from one area to another. An example would be the elongated eye and camera heads, which helped direct attention toward the anxious character of each piece. I would also use color to group or separate objects from each other so that they wouldn’t get lost in the background or within other objects. If a subject were blending in too much with another color, I would try to lighten, darken, or change the hue of the surrounding area.
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Destiny Pann

Teacher Statement

Elizabeth Bass
Destiny began developing her style of art, characters, and materials two years ago in AP Drawing, and then the work matured in her current portfolio. She began to generate ideas about social anxiety for her sustained investigation in the AP 2-D Design portfolio. I encourage my students to work from their own personal experiences so that they are better connected to their work. Her body of work reflects her personal experience and her peers’ experience with various forms of social anxiety. I designate a visual journal as an important tool for my students to use to practice and experiment as well as to reflect on their work. Destiny responded to the visual journal assignment by working through her ideas, and she would use that space to experiment with ways to construct these oppressive creatures and work out her compositional ideas. Her process of building her artwork always began with layering the environment through areas for her central characters. During critiques, my students present their work to their peers which equips them with ways to revisit and revise each work. Destiny revised her work by emphasizing the main character with marks and highlights, creating contrast to the surrounding objects. At every critique, one of the things I always tell my students is, “You need to spend one more hour adding those last-minute details.” Constant encouragement to push my students to polish their work has helped my students go from having a good piece of art to an excellent piece of art.
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Questioned|12 x 9 in.​ Material(s): Markers-Color pencils-Black pens-Paint pens-White Gel Pen.
Process(es): Continued to layer color pencil over marker as it adds texture and vibrant colors for shading​.
Destiny Pann​