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still water senior high school|stillwater, MN
TEACHER: carey Nisi
2-D Art and Design
ink drawing of aerial view of imaginary community
each day|20 x 24 in.
Idea(s): when madison died no one cared so I drew a body laid on the grass and no one notices it
Material(s): pen and ink with no sketching whatever it was it became
Process(es): i drew from left to right to create a circle of black your eye would follow
I tried to show the process of grief in my work, that it isn't this continual line, it is a circle that haunts you, like spiraling down a drain.


I made this for my friend Madison, trying to show what it feels like when someone’s gone and everyone else seems to move on. The world keeps turning, the grass keeps growing but Madison is still just 17, even as years start to pass. She loves butterflies and happiness, the month of may and how it turns into june. The taste of pomegranates and the smell of grapefruit. I miss my friend. I just want more people to remember how beautiful she was, inside and out.
Student headshot
Ella Koltund
carey Nisi
Ella’s portfolio is an emotive collection of powerful drawings and paintings. There is a pureness and honesty in her mark-making that is truly compelling. Through her process, Ella develops a relationship with her materials through study, practice, and play. There is a beautiful balance between her curiosity and the respect she shows each medium she uses. In this piece she thoughtfully eliminated color using pen alone contrasting many other pieces resulting in a feeling of hollowness; something is missing.
Ella Koltund digital signature
Ella Koltund