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Emily Stringfellow​
McKinney High School​|McKinney, Texas​
Emily Stringfellow3.jpeg
Untited|24 x 10 in. Material(s):Powdered charcoal, liquid charcoal, and watercolor brushes.​ Process(es): Made shirt pattern with eraser. Sprayed a coating, went back with liquid charcoal to sharpen lines.
“I wanted the underlying theme of the tragic beauty of human nature, by beautifully depicting the struggles.”


This artwork is part of my sustained investigation. As such, I chose to base my thesis on emotions brought on by different struggles. Asking how art can depict, represent, and relay such feelings, I used my experiences along with surreal imagery.
In this piece, I wanted to portray one’s obsession with a perfect self-Image, trying to achieve one’s quintessential image of self. The head is cradled in the subject’s arms representing what she perceives as her ideal self-image.
The use of negative space is used to put emphasis on the subject’s self- centered obsession.
My intent was to create a sense of being alone, isolated, and trapped in one’s own mind.
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Emily Stringfellow​
Emily Stringfellow1.jpg
Untitled|7 x 4 in. Materials: Graphite pencil.​ Process(es): Thought of an Idea to show the oppression of self-image without being too basic.​
Emily Stringfellow​