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Manchester High School|Midlothian, VA
Untitled | 20 x 24 in | Photograph with DSLR camera -Adobe Photoshop. Added pink geometric shapecut and copied purple roof design and flipped it to create pattern.

Marina Dublin

Emma second-guessed if she should be in this AP class. She questioned if her work would be good enough. After a bit of encouragement, she decided to stay and created one of the strongest portfolios this year.
For this work, I started with an image of a beach house that I love. The house itself is one of my favorites when I go to the beach. The color of it always sticks out in my mind. My love for the house led me to focus on the idea that home is a tangible house. This idea of home is safe and happy; the bright colors represent happiness. To fill the space, I added more to the image with the pink shape above the house and the cut-out roof at the top right. In my mind, these unexpected shapes add a whimsical nature to the work.
Emma Davies
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