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3-D Design
Jacob Martinez
Desert Hills High School|St. George, Utah
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Nightcap|26.5 x 26.5 x 18 in. Material(s): Porcelain, Plaster, Textile, Ceramic. Process(es): Wheel thrown teapot plaster molded pillow symbolizes ritual to prevent bad dreams. Curatorial Note: Ceramic vessels that explore softness and hardness in a visual metaphor. Work explores astrological, spirituality and earthly connections.
“My sustained investigation was to explore texture and surface area as well as bring a visual metaphor for spirituality on ceramic vessels.”
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As human beings, we each face one thing no matter what: our thoughts. Our thoughts can take us on beautiful journeys that manifest into peaceful physical experiences. On the contrary, our thoughts or chatter in the brain can lead us down a path of anxiety, fear, and hate, and manifest into a very unhealthy physical reality. This piece speaks to the culture of drinking tea as a means of seeking peace, comfort, and solace before placing our heads on our pillows and allowing our minds and body to rest. However, this does not promise that our minds will be at ease. In these dreamscapes, it can be a literal hell, it can cause the most terrifying discomfort and leave us petrified for sleep.
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Jacob Martinez
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Principal Statement

Justine Keate
Jacob Martinez is a phenomenal artist beyond his years as a high school student. Jacob thrived here in our art classes at Desert Hills High School and has been inspiring to other students. Jacob sees with artist eyes wide open, and the art he creates is truly breathtaking. We are so proud of his accomplishments as a student and ceramicist and wish him the best in his future endeavors.
Jacob Martinez