AP Art and Design Exhibit
AP Drawing


Century High School|Sykesville, Maryland
Dimensions: 11”x 14”|Materials: Micron Pens|Process(es): I used a pen to get varied line thickness and pattern to make each item have its own character.|Curatorial Note: The space is filled with many stories and narratives in the maximal drawing. The contour line drawings create many surprises that juxtapose reality and fun fantasy.

Student statement

It is always awesome to find something new in an artwork or a person; I strive to achieve it. In my investigation, I wanted to explore the positives and negatives of maximalism in the artistic sense or as a lifestyle.

Teacher statement

Frank Reaver
One of the key strategies I employ to guide students effectively through the development of AP Art and Design Portfolios is a comprehensive approach that takes them from the initial stages of idea generation and brainstorming to material selection and the intentional creation of art. This approach encourages creative exploration while ensuring students fully engage in art-making. By prompting students to analyze and research their artistic decisions, they often uncover unique and creative ideas that ultimately serve as guiding principles for their portfolios.
Collaborating with students like Jason has been a rewarding experience. It allows for a dynamic dialogue that deepens the connection between visual imagery and the choices made during the creative process. Providing students with artistic freedom to pursue their ideas and styles empowers them to strike a balance between realistic renderings and illustrative choices.
We are fortunate to have complete support from our administration, which recognizes the fundamental role of Visual Arts Education. This support is mirrored by the enthusiasm of our student body, who wholeheartedly embrace the achievements and recognition received by their peers in the Arts. Our administration and staff highly value the creative problem-solving and self-expression that blossoms within the Visual Arts classroom.
My open-ended yet systematic approach to art-making has successfully guided students like Jason through the enriching journey of the AP Art and Design curriculum. This approach equips them to become confident, self-expressive artists who eagerly tackle creative challenges. It prepares them not only for success in art and design but also in the world beyond.
Jason Breden