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Dillard High School|Fort Lauderdale, FL
TEACHER: Celestin Joseph
Profile of male figure bathed in gold light.
Him Within the Golden Hour|12 x 12 in.
Material(s): Acrylics, dip inks, India ink, and 23k gold leaf on stretched canvas Process(es): Subject depicted in a state of mental wonderment. Material experimentation with gold leafing.
I believe the greatest type of art is not one that just looks beautiful, but one that makes you question something.


Student headshot
Jennifer Turner
In this specific piece, I wanted to depict my subject in a state of awe and mental wonderment with his surroundings.
My sustained investigation revolves around the beauty in the perspective of the subconscious mind; exploring individual emotions created by our own ideas and thoughts. I purposely altered my palette to a saturation of warmer value tones, experimenting with lining/strong mark-making and gold leaf. In addition, I wanted to spark a deep connection with the subject and the viewer through my work, making them feel the same sense of admiration and wonder when they look at this piece so that they themselves can wonder and imagine what kind of landscape the subject could be looking at?
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Mi trabajo se titula: “Él en la Hora Dorada”
Mi investigación sostenida gira en torno con la belleza en la perspectiva de la mente subconsciente; explorando las emociones individuales creadas por nuestras propias ideas y pensamientos. En esta pieza específica, quería representar a mi sujeto en un estado de linbo mental anonadado con su entorno.
Celestin Joseph
[Jennifer] went onto the AP site; she looked at the examples and samples. She did her research during the process of creating the [AP Art and Design Drawing Portfolio] exam, and really excelled at building and creating something that reflected her skills and effort during the course of this past school year.
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Hello everyone, let me just start by saying congratulations Jennifer on a wonderful job done on your AP Drawing portfolio.
Jennifer was one of the amazing Titans that I had this year who worked extremely hard on bringing together her portfolio and making an excellent show of it. During the pandemic, I don't even think she was fazed during that time. She really put in all of her effort into the work that she was creating and developed a body of work during this past school year that was absolutely amazing.
Jennifer Turner