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Frank Sinatra School of the Arts|Queens, NY
TEACHER: Aleksandr Twarog
2-D Art and Design
Crouched figure on water with ripples extending ou
Untitled | 18 x 24 in.
Idea(s): Conforming to societal standards by hiding your shameful traits, head-heavy with self-doubt.
Material(s): Graphite pencils, charcoal, makeup brushes, paper, charcoal powder.
Process(es): First, I lightly drew on white paper then spread the charcoal powder and further refined details from left to right to create a circle of black your eye would follow


This piece depicts the anxiety over social acceptance from peers, guardians, and online audiences.
The white figure reflects its most deepest desires and interests beneath the water’s surface, body curling to conceal it. The loss of individuality and direction above the surface is indicative of the figure's blindness, juxtaposing the darker figure’s dilated pupils and indifferent expression. Unlike the above figure who looks worriedly onto the water’s reflection, the darker component looks directly at the viewer demanding attention away from the “false perception”. The white figure stands as a superficial identity fortified to attract praise and admiration.
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Katherine Sinchi
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Katherine Sinchi