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Keira Santoso​
Handsworth Secondary School​|North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada​
Ghosted|12.6 x 24 in. Material(s): 3D Modeling, animation. Variety of 3-D Image textures and techniques​. Process(es): Alternate 3D reality reflects increasing significance of being left on read in digital worlds​.
Curatorial Note: Animation-crossover between film and drawing.
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“I’ve always been interested in how films use worldbuilding to tell imaginative stories, seemingly opening infinite possibilities to what appears “real.” As these mediums take inspiration from diverse cultures and stories, my work uses similar processes to explore my imagination and experience creative freedom. I use worldbuilding to dissolve the boundary between reality and illusion and harmonize them by transforming realistic elements into fantastical environments.”​


“Ghosted” is a town manifested by feelings of abandonment, in which its inhabitants are only revived by virtual distraction.
Since my idea revolved around digital media, I used photo editing, digital painting, basic physics simulations, and 3-D modeling during my process. Combining drawing, 2-D, and 3-D elements helped me develop my idea of merging real and virtual worlds.
The final image shows a digital future littered with advertisement posters, toppled buckets, broken signs, and bright neon lights. I’m grateful for my peers and teachers who helped bring the idea to life, and I learned a lot about digital media in the process.
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Keira Santoso​
Material(s): 3D modeling, animation. Variety of 3D image textures and techniques.​ Process(es): Process of 3D construction ​

Teacher Statement

Kory Bogen
Keira has been a powerhouse of creativity throughout her career as a secondary student. Keira’s independence, determination, and willingness to receive and apply constructive feedback suited the inquiry-based format of the AP Art and Design program. The professionalism and innovation in this portfolio show an intimate understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and design and the application of practice, experimentation, and revision.
Teacher Kory Bogen Headshot.jpg
From Keira, I learned to trust and support her decisions and provide critique in a feed-forward fashion. Keira will always stand out in my mind as one of the strongest art students to come out of our school. She has the respect of our staff, and the school community sees her as a leader, innovator, and creator. At Handsworth Secondary, we are well-supported by the school administration in the AP Art and Design program, and students are given the freedom to experiment, try again, revise, and succeed. Assessment is based on submitting many different, reworked versions of the final portfolio throughout the course. This living document in portfolio format is assessed and returned to students, using AP language and the scoring rubric, to ensure that students understand how they will be scored. Students then have a revised framework that they can copy over into the digital submission site once they are ready to submit the portfolio exam. I would advise other AP Art and Design teachers to attend an AP conference and learn from other AP teachers! It is extremely helpful to connect and learn from your colleagues.

Principal Statement

Mark Barrett
The Handsworth school community is exceptionally proud to have had one of our students, Keira Santoso, have her work selected as part of the 2022 AP Art and Design Digital Exhibit. Keira’s technical expertise, and gifted eye for aesthetic, produced a piece that catches the eye and encourages further examination. Her work is exemplary and indicative of both her hard work, dedication, and the quality of the instruction she has received as a student in our AP program. I’d also like to congratulate Mr. Kory Bogen on fostering yet another outstanding artist and helping fulfill the promise of so many of our aspiring visual arts students. His work in helping students reach their potential in AP Art has been remarkable. Handsworth has been proud to grow our AP program year after year and to provide our students with an unparalleled opportunity to advance their educational aspirations. The AP program has been an excellent vehicle for promoting student excellence, learning, and growth. We couldn’t be more proud of Keira, Mr. Bogen, the Handsworth Art Department, and our entire AP program. Congratulations!
Keira Santoso​
Material(s): 3D modeling, animation. Variety of 3D image textures and techniques.​ Process(es): Process of 3D construction ​