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Ken Xiaofu Wu

Teacher: Hyun Ju Park
 Three figures drawn in ink lying in hospital bed
The Future Life|9 x 12 in.
Idea(s): Addiction Material(s): Ink, pencil Process(es): I illustrated the problem of an eating disorder.


My artwork is called The Future Life. It is created to exhibit another aspect of my concentration, “addiction”. For the process, I draw the general composition in pencil, and lastly, it is finished with ink. The artwork is trying to portray a future, which people are addicted to the desire of junk food, with the expanded social issue: Overweight. What’s also important, It reminds people that addiction is an ideology leading to bad consequences.
This artwork explores the further understanding of the addiction, it is also meeting lots of struggles at the same time. Back in the day, I was trying to show a different form of addiction; however, I found out that what’s in people’s minds is much more important to show off than what attracted them. Therefore, I was focused on how people actively satisfy their desire rather than showing the attraction of the object.
This year is very special and inspiring for me; the AP program and principal guide me on how to think deeply and precisely. What’s more, I am glad that I grow more experience and knowledge in making art.
I was focused on how people actively satisfy their desire rather than showing the attraction of the object.
Student headshot
Ken Xiaofu Wu
Untitled|12 x 9 in.
Idea(s): I want to demonstrate how addiction changes people the view of the world and cause illusion.
Material(s): Ink, pencil. Process(es): To better demonstrate the illusion, I add the clown element and reverse view to reflect it.
Untitled|12 x 9 in.
Idea(s): The main idea shows addiction toward drug causing poverty and dilemma.
Ink, pencil.
Process(es): For better performance, I focus to portray facial expression of the poor and details of cage house.
Hyun Ju Park
A remote learning environment allowed my students to spend more time researching and reflecting on their inquiry. My students and I found the online tools given by College Board was very helpful and easy to follow. As a class, we tried to review many sample portfolios from past years to deepen our understanding of our expectations. In class, my students spent one day researching their inquiries and making small sketches. Other days, they shared their thoughts and experimentations with me before sharing them with the class. I had weekly meetings with each individual student during their art-making process. Each Friday, we spend time giving feedback to each other.
The school and principal gave us an opportunity to open a small art show at our High School.

Additionally, we created an online gallery for those who could not join us in person and decorated the art room as a small museum. Most of my formative assessments were small presentations about findings and sketches. My summative assessments were the final class presentation about their concentration. We dedicated this time to give more feedback and celebrate small personal achievements. We also spend time making more corrections if needed. I had the opportunity to invite other art teachers, administration, the marketing team, and parents to support and celebrate my student's work. I believe that having a calendar with expected due dates and important deadlines is very beneficial for my students. Students know their expectations and are excited about their achievements as time processes. I am so proud of how Xiaofu was able to enjoy this class and showed excellence through his work.
Roseann Pack
It is such a privilege to see the progress and success of Xiaofu’s AP art work. It was quite evident when he joined our school that he had a natural gift for art. As the years progressed, his talent grew and he excelled above many expectations. The dedication to his work and attention to detail was inspiring to his peers and teachers. His talent and skill were nurtured and encouraged by his AP teacher, Ms. Park. She was able to guide him and support him throughout the year. As a school, we are very proud of this accomplishment and hold this honor is great esteem. It is important for administrators and teachers to provide opportunities for students to excel and flourish. AP Art and Design is definitely an area where students can channel their talents and have a platform to demonstrate their creative selves. Thank you to Xiaofu and Ms. Park for all you have accomplished in 2021.
Ken Xiaofu Wu