AP Art and Design Exhibit
AP 2-D
New World School of Arts|Miami, Florida
Dimensions: 36” x 66”|Idea(s): How one shows resourcefulness through lack of necessities. Poverty in Cuba. Faded Memories.|Materials: Charcoal, Conti, Tape, Chalk, Fabric|Processes: I recycled cardboard and other found objects to show resourcefulness. I used Cuban coffee to stain my work, as it's a familiar childhood smell.|Curatorial Note: One of the largest pieces in this year's exhibit. Powerful work on and with different materials—intentional use of materials that reflect the concept of this piece.

Student statement

My love for my grandparents motivates me to make work about them and their love story. They taught me to be resourceful because they lived their whole lives in Cuba. Where they made do with what they had. They were married at 14 and died a month apart, 82 years later. Making my work about their story makes me feel a stronger connection to them as if I’m honoring them and the life they created together.
"El Tendedero" is about a family member hanging up wet clothing on a clothes line in Cuba.

TEacher statement

Carlene Muñoz
Lien creates drawings that transport the viewer into intimate spaces depicting her family in Cuba. The drawings are like records of memories that express feelings of distance and time. In our AP 2-D Art and Design class, she experimented with layering expressive drawn marks over collaged cardboard and arranged the drawings into installations that express her feelings of loss and displacement. Lien uses color selectively and symbolically adding thin areas of bright red, which holds great significance in Cuban culture.
Teaching allows me to inspire students and offer constructive insight in hopes that they reach their full potential as artists. Students in my AP 2-D Art and Design class learn to challenge conventional ideas of drawing and experience new ways of creating through a series of experimental techniques as well as an exploration of historical and contemporary artists. As a professor, I aim to encourage student development and an understanding of the physical and conceptual construction of art-making. I encourage students to develop their personal voice while simultaneously demonstrating the following: a mastery of concepts, an engaging composition, increased awareness to craftsmanship and a knowledge of varied art mediums. I expose students to a variety of materials, methods, and processes including image transfers, collage, mixed media, installation and manipulation of scale. In my class, students are motivated to experiment with non-traditional art materials with the objective to challenge their understanding of art making and the ways in which materials can influence content and conceptual significance.
“Esperando Tu Llamada”, Dimensions: 42 x 36|ldea(s): Faded family memories. Nostalgia. Resourcefulness through lack of necessities.|Materials: Cardboard, charcoal, canti, chalk, ink, fabric|Process(es): "Esperando Tu Llamada," My grandmother, waiting for my father's phone call, the day before his visit.
Lien Martinez