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Modern Room| 120 x 240 x 240 in | Linear-brushed brass, brown-stained oak, lighting element.
Autodesk Fusion360, rendered.
Horace GreeLey High School | Chappaqua, NY
Modern Room| 120 x 240 x 240 in | Grey and brown-stained oak, anodized aluminum, linear-brushed brass, lighting elements.
Autodesk Fusion360, rendered.
Student statement
How can I highlight and celebrate the obsolete details of vintage automobiles and planes through light fixtures and other furniture? How can an extremely modern and minimalist take on complex objects translate to home design? I started exploring this aesthetic of taking designs from vintage warplanes with my first wall sconce design. This baseline form became a model for all of my future designs, including chairs, tables, and other light fixtures. Putting them all together into one room helps show not only how they're all connected but how the design evolved. All the pieces are clearly from the same school of thought, but all pull slightly different elemental designs or materials. The materials I chose throughout this process took a lot of thought and consideration. Much of it involved looking for inspiration online or from prominent, modern-leaning interior designers. The default materials choices on Fusion360 were slightly limiting, but I soon realized I could customize materials down to the shade, texture, reflectiveness, grain, and more. This completely opened the door to exploring vastly different materials without the consequence of constructing them.
Matthew Friedman
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