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Min Kim
Elgin Park Secondary School|Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Inner Child.webp
Inner Child|23 x 15 in. Mediums used: acrylic paint, oil paint, pencil crayon, oil pastel, ceramic, magazine on paper.
This is a narrative work of my inner child who wants to remain in the realm of dreams and imagination. Every day I find myself lost in daydreams meeting surreal creatures and landscapes I have never seen in real life. These surreal places are where I long to be.
“Oftentimes, I question the capacity of the human brain. Just how much power does it hold? An enormous number of neurons in our heads store billions of images and ideas, allowing us to embark on spontaneous adventures into imaginary places at any time. It is as if we hold an entire universe inside our heads.”


My portfolio explores the intricate and surrealistic qualities of my imagination and bizarre daydreams. In two words, I like to call it the “world within” or the “power within”... I find myself spending most of my time delving deeper into my inner world to seek inspiration, and I often end up daydreaming about bizarre shapes and virtual dimensions that are difficult to visually comprehend purely from inside my head. With my knowledge in the fields of psychology and philosophy, I dug deeper into unconsciousness to bring awareness to the realm of imagination, creativity, and the power within. I investigated to find out ways to draw out the unconscious side of my inner world that I cannot fully reach, the side of my brain that is not yet explored.
In the process of this investigation, I continued to question what this inner world truly meant to me. This endless internal dimension felt as vast as outer space, and I was like an astronaut exploring this unknown area. The more I traveled from place to place, the more I discovered who I was deep inside. Working on this AP Drawing Portfolio was like taking a break from reality and going on space adventures to investigate unique and fascinating stars and planets. Although it was quite an artistic challenge, this process contributed greatly to my journey of self-discovery as an artist.
Min Kim
The Ego and the Id|11 x 15 in. Mediums used: digitally painted.
The unconsciousness is where we use our impulses and desires most vividly. The more I uncover the depth of my mind, the more I notice the complexity and chaos that rules the inner world. My conscious ego is just a spectator compared to this undiscovered vastness.
Taking the initiative to learn things that I have no basic knowledge of has always been fear-provoking. At first, building this portfolio felt insurmountable to me. I wasn’t aware of myself as an artist or as a person enough to know how to paint out such an abstract concept. I was terrified to draw even a single line. However, this unsettling emotion inside of me became the ideal tool for awakening my potential within. I began to engage with fear and uncertainty and used it as the very tool to take me further into the unknown excitement of art creation. While I always used to plan everything out before painting anything, I drew without letting my perfectionism interfere with my work. I became one with my brush and painted out my innermost feelings and emotions, visually expressing the raw and unprocessed emotions inside. This was when I first realized what it meant to paint something as my true self; my inner child who was playful and spontaneous but was buried deep inside due to my strict ego. I reached out to diverse mediums and layered them, and combined both 2D and 3D qualities to add texture and illusion of depth. As I continued to rely on my impulses, they turned out to be highly abstract, filled with complexity that created flowy and bizarre imagery. Using organic shapes played a big role in creating a flexible, chaotic, and whimsical atmosphere, in contrast to geometric shapes, which convey rigidness and stiffness that could detract from the concept of imagination. All of these components integrated together into a piece, I was able to provoke the illusion of liveliness, as if this imaginary world was coming to life.

Principal Statement

Kavita Sharma
As the Principal of Elgin Park Secondary School, I am so proud of Min Kim and what she has achieved. It is my pleasure to celebrate with our school community all the hard work, time, energy, and focus that Min put into her art. Min is truly deserving of selection for the 2022 AP Art and Design Exhibit. Min is a creative, motivated, and disciplined artist. Even through these uncertain times of the pandemic, Min kept focused on her art and expressed so much of her passion and love for what she does through her artwork. We are so pleased and proud of this accomplishment and wish Min all the best in the future.
Lost and Found| 16 x 11 in. Mediums used: acrylic paint, acrylic gouache, air-dry clay, drywall filler, strings, egg shells and beads on hardboard
Inspired by “Memory dump” from the movie “Inside Out”, I created a visual representation of safe memory storage that exists in a remote cave inside our minds. Here is where our unconsciousness stores important memories that can be revisited.
Kim K