AP Art and Design Exhibit
AP 2-D
Mira Price
Belmont High School|Belmont, Massachussets
Dimensions: 20” x 16”|Materials: Oil paint, acrylic paint on canvas|Processes: I used a movie poster format to show how equality is falsely advertised by the school system. | Curatorial Note: Strong work representing current issues.

Student statement

My work speaks to the issues surrounding the lack of universal access to quality education. I worked to display the issue's complexity, conceptually and emotionally and focused on the impact of those who struggle through a one-size-fits-all system. My pieces address widespread societal problems in education and my personal experience of trying to fit within the educational system. I wanted to bring relevance and awareness to less known issues and capture experiences that any student can relate to.
"Equality:" Public education is supposed to set everyone up for success regardless of background or social standing. But that’s not always the case. While some bask in the benefits of a rich educational experience, others are held back. My objective in creating "Equality" was to address the disparity in access to quality education. The old-time movie poster format is a nod to the promise of equality advertised to us all. I then depicted the struggle for limited resources and opportunity by placing the diploma in the hands of one while others struggle to acquire it. I used subtle tones to represent a subdued mood and to contrast with the tension of the struggle.
"Uneven Ground:" I used feet as a means to communicate different paths traveled in an unfair system.
Uneven Ground, Dimensions, 10” x 30”|ldea(s): Measuring up|Materials: Oil paint, acrylic paint on canvas|Process(es): Here, I consider different paths traveled in an unfair system using different perspectives of feet.
I used a movie poster format to show how the school system falsely advertises equality.
Mira Price