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2-D Design
Noah Dacanay​
Ponte Vedra High School​|Ponte Vedra, FL​
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Bound|20 x 16 in. Idea(s): Motivational typography style quote to inspire others.​ Material(s):  Procreate app, apple pencil​. Process(es): 3D and twisted letters with banner intertwined. ​ Curatorial Note: A different reason for poster design.​
“In my work, I am investigating how positive thinking can be spread through typography designs. With the rise in mental health awareness, reading quotes brighten your day and create a sense of hope in people all around the world. The use of colors, composition and the overall message of typography style quotes can energize people to set goals and take action in their everyday lives.”​
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In my portfolio, I looked into how typography quotes could be designed in a way that motivates, inspires, and creates a positive mindset in others. With the rise in mental health awareness, I aspire to create pieces of art that keep a positive frame of mind. I love designing typography pieces because of the process of exploring different fonts and styles make a great message for others to read and share.
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Noah Dacanay​
Noah Dacanay​