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2-D Design
Noah Marcus​
Livingston High School​|Livingston, New Jersey​
Noah Marcus1.jpeg
The Burning House|13 x 9 in.
Material(s): Photoshop​ Process(es): Illustrated house with pen tool. Added a filter to the rip. Opened rip to create the fire effect.​ Curatorial Note: Strong image of suburban architecture.​
“My projects show modern houses around the world in the form of simplified shapes. The shapes represent the house in a simple way while the rips portray a more complex image of the house.”
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The title of this piece is The Burning House. I created this piece in photoshop. I decided to use the pen tool to make the house. Then I decided to add a light coming from the helicopter. First, I added a filter on the light coming from the helicopter. Then I used the pen tool and paintbrush to add the burning holes in the middle of the piece. This is how I made this piece. During the summer of 2021, I took some time to think about what my investigation idea would be. I thought for a long time because I wanted to choose a good idea so I would have enough material to work on throughout the year. I decided to make houses because in Digital Imaging 2, I did a project very similar to this one, and I really liked it. Throughout the year my teacher helped me with ideas about my investigation and also ways to make it better. One example is when he gave me some ideas on how to boost my projects. I started off with a simple house where I only used the pen tool to make the shapes. He said I could put an effect on some of the pieces, which I did in most of my pieces, or I could use some type of burning rips that I used in this piece and some others. Overall I am very thankful for the help my teacher provided me with throughout the year. To conclude, I would like to give some advice to future AP Art and Design students. First, I would say listen to your teacher. As I explained before, my teacher gave me some great advice, and I used it to improve my projects and I would recommend doing the same thing. You should also think about what your investigation is going to be about for a long time. This is something that you are going to work on for the whole year so make sure you have a good investigation idea. Finally, make sure you enjoy creating your projects because you want this class to be enjoyable.
Noah Marcus
Noah Marcus​