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Beverly Hills High School | Beverly Hills, CA
Adam and Eve | 16 x 14 in| Black Prismacolor on wood MDF board, with superimposed red graphic.The play between gender was my man pull, the merging of adam and eve into one being, genderless.
How can I illustrate the structure of religion through the human form?
Sustained Investigation
Identify the question(s) or inquiry that guided your sustained investigation.
Describe how your sustained investigation shows evidence of practice, experimentation, and revision guided by your question(s) or inquiry.
Creatively speaking, I am most fascinated by the fundamentals. In my art, These fundamentals are light, shadow, and contours. In my daily life, it's religion. Growing up gay and also Christian, I was always at an internal war between myself and god. My main goal with my portfolio was to translate my dysphoria for religion into physical manifestations. The natural with the unnatural. I did this by taking religious insignias and merging them with conceptualized forms, which could be defined as sacrilegious. My process followed a basic plan. It started with my research for religious symbols, from the upside-down cross to the Jainism swastika. These symbols inspired the forms they would later envelop. My main influence on the way was to depict forms as fabrics, as they elicited the basic fundamentals of light, shadow, and contour. Although its form is constant, the fabric can be visually analyzed in many ways. I channeled these influences into every piece in my portfolio to create forms that jumped out at the viewer and also answered my inquiry question of "how can I use the human form to depict the corrupt construct of religion?"
Michael Federman
Prince Abrahams
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