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3-D Design
Robert Marley
Coral Reef Senior High School​|Miami, Florida​
Robert Marley 1.jpeg
63 x 16 x 15 in.
​Material(s): Recycled dress, recycled puffer jacket, fabric spray paint, acrylic paint, 3D acrylic liner​. Process(es): Bleach and paint jacket, paint dress​.
Curatorial Note: Student is recycling, and repurposing materials into fashionable, wearable art. Student is experimenting with materials and textures in artwork.​
“In what ways can I contribute to the progression of reducing the build-up of waste on our planet, and how can I merge this idea with my art?” ​
Student deco 1.svg


In what ways can I contribute to the progression of reducing the build-up of waste on our planet, and how can I merge this idea with my art? How can I manipulate clashing visions to create intriguing attire? I am up-cycling, recycling, and repurposing various materials while using clashing colors, shapes, and textures to design abstract works of art that can be worn. By mixing these characteristics within the regalia, my creations concurrently battle each other while becoming unified once joined together.
My recent investigation of the natural rhythms and patterns of the world is expressed through the creation of garments using recycled, repurposed, and reused materials. I allowed the Divine Creator to express itself through me spontaneously and freely. I mixed various fabrics, paints, textures, and silhouettes and combined multiple pieces of clothing in order to achieve fun, experimental characters.
Robert Marley Headshot.jpeg
Robert Marley

Teacher Statement

Patty Keller
Throughout his time in the art program, Robert has always pushed the limits with his creativity. His eclectic style and ability to utilize various colors and mediums to create new and innovative masterpieces is a testament to his unique artistic mind. Robert explored fashion and fiber art in a novel way to create an AP Art and Design portfolio that was truly inspiring. It is a collection of powerful ideas and colors. Through his process, Robert developed a strong relationship with his materials through practice, experimentation, and revision. There is an incredible balance between curiosity and respect for the mediums he uses. I was fortunate enough to be able to provide him with a dedicated classroom workspace to discover and create new ways to use various materials. I have always been a huge proponent of having students use uncommon and untraditional materials in their art-making. I provided Robert with numerous different resources and supplies to experiment with as he developed his concept. His class critiques were geared toward his style and vision in order to bring out the best in his work. Through constant revisiting of his inquiry, I helped Robert to make a deep and meaningful connection between his thought process and his completed works. Robert was also allowed to put on a fashion show as part of the annual school art exposition to showcase several of his portfolio works. Robert’s use of color, texture, and design are quite apparent in his works, as is his use of several cultural influences. Robert’s portfolio is surely an inspiration for past and future AP Art and Design scholars.
65 x 20 x 20 in.​ Material(s): Feathers, recycled fabric, repurposed curtain fringe trimming, acrylic paint, fabric spray paint​ Process(es): Remove curtain fringe trimming from recycled curtain, paint dress, create form with curtain trimming​