AP Art and Design Exhibit
AP Drawing


Conroe High School|Conroe, Texas
Dimensions: 8”x 11”|Material(s): Ink|Process(es): The use of multiple lightly brushed creates constant motion across the picture as nothing is solid.|Curatorial Note: There is a sense of movement and motion in the explosive, chaotic landscape. The successful ink manipulation conveying a solid as fluid conveys chaos in this nature-inspired drawing.

Student statement

My work chosen for the 2023 AP Art and Design Digital Exhibit was named “Shattered Humanity" and was a largely experimental piece. I wanted to convey intense emotion through movement as the glass exploded outwards. My inquiry for my sustained investigation was “How Chaos is Displayed in this World.” I wanted to present an extensive range of ideas to work with that would allow me to fully input my emotions into my art. This piece is supposed to display several moments suspended in an intense yet singular, almost peaceful view.
There is so much chaos in the image, yet it seems serene–very pensive. The lines are sliced into motion by the enclosed movement of ink. The smears and faded lines add wisdom to the piece of ruin. This ruin is not just physical, though–the viewer's mind is seen in two phases, shredded by the glass and reflected by it. The presented drawing had little inspiration from any other works; it was the perfect representation of my soul at the moment instead. I was also seeking to express the fragility of human life as well. We strive for so much, while life is so short-lived. Our hopes and desires are swiftly taken away as we approach our ends, but there is so much beauty in what occurs in that tiny spec of time. The lines are firm but soft at the same time. The power of the explosion is shown thoroughly, yet it appears as a memory.
I felt overwhelming support from my AP Art Teacher and my classmates. I am honored to receive recognition for an artwork that is so meaningful to me.
I investigated chaos with nature and within humanity (natural events/wars/pollutions). I wanted to show all the “bad” in the world while showing that chaos is a part of living organisms. Life could not exist without chaos and, in fact, chaos in itself.
Sustained lnvestigation, Materials: lnk |Process(es): The use of multiple light brushes creates constant motion across the picture; there is nothing solid.

Teacher statement

Jamie Landry
Having taught AP Art and Design for nine years now, I have had the opportunity to see portfolio guidelines develop into what they are today. The current portfolio immerses the students in an environment that prompts them to think like artists. Students who complete the portfolio leave with not only a body of work and this skill of thought but with the advantage of the experience that will significantly aid them in the transition into a college art program.
Every year, I begin by expressing to my students that although their Sustained Investigation theme is not required to be personal, if it is, it can make the creation process easier and the answers to their “whys” easier. Throughout the development of their journey, I explain that although we may never create upon all of the “whys,” by continually asking ourselves this, we can create stronger content and reach the core of their reasoning. Every time my students turn in one of their artworks, they must also turn in writing about the piece. This keeps them writing and thinking and is helpful come digital submission time. Instead of trying to remember past thoughts and feelings, their documented words are waiting for any addition or revision. My advice to other AP Art and Design teachers is that one-on-one is key. Try to meet with each student initially to help them dig into a sustained investigation and establish a relationship. Having students work on all portfolio components (collages, processes, and ideas) during the year is also beneficial because it saves everyone in crunch time. I am so proud of Seth and his outstanding achievements; taking the concept of chaos within nature, he created a body of work that invokes a sense of emotion, intimacy, and beauty for any viewer.