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2-D Design
Steph S.
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Stephanie Suchite1.JPG
Bound|19 x 13 in. Idea(s): To show the struggle I face between being what others want of me and how I identify as a person.   Material(s):  Gc2b binder, ace bandage, pleated skirt, thrifted jewelry, studio photoshoot, dslr camera   Process(es): self-analyzing, finding inspiration, costume curation, studio photoshoot, photoshop, editing  Curatorial Note: Powerful photo focusing on body image issues/ student self-portrait simultaneously expressing identity
“For this portfolio, I wanted to focus on queer visibility, there is never just one valid queer experience, all queer experiences are equally valid. I wanted to represent the fact that being queer is whatever you make it, and clothing doesn’t have a gender—wear whatever your heart desires!”
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The title of this piece is Bound. This piece is very vulnerable to me as it represents a very real struggle I face between being what other people want of me and what I want of myself, which, unfortunately, is a very common theme amongst the queer community. As a gay, nonbinary LatinX kid who is also first gen, my queerness and gender expression are extremely looked down upon, which makes me feel bound, which is why I titled this piece such.
Steph S.

Teacher Statement

Reed E.
Teacher Reed Sullivan Headshot.jpg
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Hello, I'm here to talk to you about the piece titled Bound by my student, Steph. If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to watch their video describing the work. I can't do it any justice. Steph does an amazing job describing all the meaning and the message that went into the work and all the behind-the-scenes elements that went into it.
Steph S.