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Isolation|24 x 18 in| Digital tablet, laptop.
I took reference photos then drew and painted with a drawing tablet.
Carver Center for Arts and Technology|Baltimore, MD
I focused on how I view my brothers and my family dynamics.
Joe Cypressi
Taylor did this piece in our AP Studio class. AP studio is an interdisciplinary class. AP studio starts off with a group crit/view of each student’s work.  Assignments throughout the year are based on art concepts like scale, shape, aggregation, etc. Students make work about whatever they are making work about but dealing with this one new dimension. This concept must be applied intentionally and must directly support/affect the content of the work. 
At Carver, we teach painting, sculpture, digital art, photography, and film making. Each assignment is completely open medium and designed not to favor one over another.  All assignments are subject to a student-led group critique.  Students make work in class and at home. Taylor learned a lot about image construction for narrative content without sacrificing but, in fact, leveraging strong formal composition.  Taylor applied everything she learned about rendering as well. The sense of light and space in the work is very strong. When she brought this in for critique, I was very proud of her. I learned about perseverance, strength, and a positive outlook from Taylor. She had a number of challenges to deal with outside of school, but she was always positive and thoughtful about her work, and she got it done despite the other demands on her time and focus.
Taylor Jackson
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